7 Points You MUST Consider When Negotiating Your Cafe's Lease

7 Points You MUST Consider When Negotiating Your Cafe's Lease

With soaring costs, choosing the perfect location has become more essential than ever before. It is time consuming and can sometimes take years.

According to our experts who have been in the Cafe industry for decades, here are 7 points that you must consider when negotiating the lease.

These will help you create maximum flexibility & equity with the landlord and benefit your Cafe in the long run.

1) Do you know how to assess a site which is essential to the viability of the business?

2) Do you know what the appropriate rent is for the location to increase certainty of success and lower the risk?

3) Are you aware of the DA processes with the council and certifiers for food venue and compliance?

4) Do you know how to manage the building of the Cafe which is food specific, along with the water & electricity aspects?

5) Do you know how to maintain equipment to avoid costly repairs?

6) Are you aware of the Tax and compliance obligations?

7) Have you managed staff and are you aware of the appropriate wages?

If you have any doubts about answering the above, we recommend you seek out an expert. Saving on setup costs often means having to spend much more in the long run do to mistakes that those with experience no longer make. ACE offers experts with the resources to investigate, an existing database and are constantly on the lookout for more suitable locations. Our team of experts always carry out a full site analysis, taking into account the foot traffic, costs, operation structure, future developments & more.

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